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About Mt Everest Safety Products

About the Invention/Inventor
Ladder Lock™ was invented by John Ferris. He has been a contractor in the construction industry for over 35 years, with over the last 12 years in commercial roofing. He saw a major flaw in extension ladder safety and set out to address it.
Many people break their arms, legs, backs or suffer concussions each year in ladder accidents. Most of these occur when the ladder slips or is blown from the roof.
Even a blowover when you are on the roof is embarrassing for a contractor and can cause property damage.
The most popular current solution is to use a rope or bungee cord to tie off to a vent pipe. This creates other hazards such as tripping on the rope or the bungee cord coming loose and putting an eye out. Sometimes there isn’t anything at all to tie off to.
His solution to these problems is the Ladder Lock. It attaches to the ladder with an adjustable arm and has a wishbone clamp that attaches to the roof. It installs in seconds and can be adjusted to support and keep gutters from caving in. It is made of heavy steel construction with a very strong spring and rubber feet. The wishbone clamp prevents side to side slippage by counteracting that movement. The rubber feet protect the gutter paint. 
The Ladder Lock™ can hang from a belt for hands free climbing and attach with in seconds. It can attach to many surfaces; plywood, metal overhangs, drip edge and wall cap flashings, gutters and tubing. It is the most versatile ladder securing device available.
This safety tool can be used by contractors, maintenance people and homeowners or anyone who uses an extension ladder. Contractors tell us they won’t set their ladders up at all anymore without their Ladder Lock™.
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