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Ladder Lock™

The Ladder Lock™ is a hand tool used to help secure extension ladders to a variety of surfaces. The Ladder Lock was designed to promote ladder safety and help prevent property damage.
Ladders are inherently unsafe. It is up to the user to make them as safe as possible. The Ladder Lock™ is about ladder safety and ladder safety awareness.
Standing on a ladder of any kind at any height can cause serious injury in the event of a fall.
Ladder Lock™ promotes ladder safety awareness. Safety is a mandatory process when setting up an extension ladder. Always go through the necessary steps to make your ladder as secure as possible. The Ladder Lock™ will help prevent lateral movement when stepping on or off of the ladder, as well as help prevent property damage from the ladder sliding or blowing off at the top.
Saves time, money and effort in securing your extension ladder. Takes the guess work out of what you can tie securely to and installs in seconds.
Our tests show that, the Ladder Lock™ is a great tool being used by many contractors to help achieve a higher safety work place. The working parts are constructed of steel with a strong spring for holding power. The spring is only part of the holding. The Ladder Lock™ is designed to work by binding itself against the extension ladder during lateral movement. This binding is encouraged by a over sized washer that causes the Ladder Lock™ to bed at predetermined angle. Some of our contractors tell us one Ladder Lock™ is enough. We strongly advise using two. This is good especially for wall cap and drip edge connections.
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