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OSHA Approval

November 02, 2007
As our company grows, I see more need for the Ladder Lock than ever before. Ladder Lock was developed to help reduce costly ladder accidents caused by ladder slide off.
Currently, people use ropes and bungee cords and attach to questionable structures.
Let me respond to recent questions we have received about OSHA certification or approval:
OSHA does not do product testing to any extent or approvals of ladder tie offs. They simply write standards.
OSHA has no written standards for portable ladder tie off or tie off apparatus.
They wisely leave this to the discretion of a competent person because there are such a wide variety of typical and non typical applications and situations.
Our company has taken the initiative to address this void in ladder safety.
The Ladder Lock has been tested by an outside engineering company. They have confirmed that two Ladder Locks used on a properly set ladder will hold against over 300 pounds of lateral pull. One Ladder Lock will hold 120 pounds. This is remarkable considering that when you step off an extension ladder or back on from a typical surface, you push off with approximately 30 pounds of force.
We hope that you take this information and with the ever growing concern for safety in mind, make Ladder Locks an integral part of your company’s policy.
John Ferris
Mt Everest Safety Products Inc.
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